9. Endnote

I have set out in these posts to give you the information for reading your natal chart. I hope you try this – a natal chart is a wonderful source of personal information. You can calculate your natal chart on Astrotheme.com, whose extensive database of research charts has provided me with many of my examples.
I have designed the sequential structure of my posts to mirror the preliminary steps you can take to make sense of your astrological chart. I set out to teach you essential delineation.
On reflection, I’m happy with my efforts. I’ve given you the first key to unlock your chart, remember –

To read a chart, you need to:

  1. take in the shape of your two-dimensional representation of the sky at the time of first breath.
  2. work from without – gaining an understanding of the signs covering the ecliptic.
  3. find your ascendant sign – then set up your house system (beginning with a time/space system like ‘Placidus’ then moving to a whole sign system (or not).
  4. understand the house divisions and the relationships between signs and houses.
  5. look at the planets, give their basic meanings, and their ‘strengths in terms of dignity.
  6. develop some archetypal planetary meaning, in more detail, out to Saturn.
  7. gain an underlying sense of challenging aspects.

I presented this ‘course’ using well-known charts, both illustrating and extending discussion.
I hope these posts have proved helpful, and that they bring forth discussion: the stuff of symbolic learning.

I will begin a series of Craft of Astrology 2 posts, in a few months, further developing my ideas on contemporary astrology. I will couch these posts at a level that presumes a reading of either my first series or my Kindle text.

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