7. Mars; Jupiter; & Saturn

A working analogy to begin with, before we consider the planets we need to consider their symbolic role..


Between the orbit of the Earth and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus do their almost year-long round. Beyond our Gaia, the outer, and trans-Saturn planets go their way. We are located third planet from Sol. Between the Earth and Sun, we have symbols of your Innate skills. Language and love seem hard-wired in our human nature. Leaving Moon out of the picture and assuming we are conscious., these planets symbolise the essential ability to attract. Attraction is an essential human attribute;one that facilitates communication and reproduction.


The planets circling beyond the Earth (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.) take us further. We can assert (Mars) our presence, ‘and boldly go’, to discover (Jupiter) new words (sometimes by just writing blog posts!) We can realise (Saturn) and do it in such a way that its formation defines us.


Mars is the planetary archetype of personal assertion, aggression and survival. After we exercise the skills. of the inner planets, we must step forward (not on the toes of others) and promote ourselves.

Exercising our Mars requires caution. We note that ‘hard aspects’, and rough times, allow us to be cautious. But this caution shouldn’t restrict us to the point where we can’t act on our own behalf!

Beyond the ‘fields we know’ lies the terrain of courage and assertion. A land where we must contest ourselves, and others, to grow.

Let’s now look at natal Mars.

As you would expect this world champion heavyweight boxer has an elevated Mars: one conjuncting his M/C, albeit in detriment! It needs to be noted that if we find a debilitated (by sign dignity) planet that has acdential dignity that planetry function will provide a focal point in the life of the native.

With Alli being dubbed ‘The World’s Greatest’ boxer – a Martian occupation – we would look for something more than ‘just’ this high placement of Mars in his chart: something more should be in evidence.

The seventh house concerns one’s relationship with the ‘other’. These relationships can be adversarial. Seventh house skills involve both avoiding, and winning fights.

Alli’s chart shows us three key planets in this house. His Jupiter (he found freedom in being adversarial); his Mercury (indicative of his poetry, note the taunting “…floats like Butterfly and stings like a Bee), and his Venus the charismatic ruler of his Mars.

Alli’s Venus is also in mutual reception with his Saturn in the tenth house.

Alli’s adversaries empowered him to win, and gain world wide recognition.

His success is facilitated by the dignity that exists between his Saturn and Venus: empowering both his reputation and his skills in his profession.

This change of rulership eases the debility of his Mars Falling in its sign of detriment; Taurus. He did sting like a bull! His hay- makers were legendary!

Our next chart is of someone who gave the celluloid illusion of a superhuman punch.

Linda Carter was well chosen to play the role of a Wonderwoman.

Let’s look at her natal Mars. It’s in her tenth house, conjuncting Uranus (beyond Saturnian reality), and conjuncting her MC. Mars (like Alli’s) is in a difficult sign, Cancer is its fall! It however is in a mutual reception with her Moon. Remember in her series she plays the champion of women!

Her Moon conjunct Jupiter indicates that she finds great freedom in her Luna ‘other’ (often we either marry or become our seventh house). The role most suits her. These planets are opposed and contested by Neptune. Her ‘Achilles Heel’ is in the Neptunian Chloroform. The substance that her adversaries (in Libra) use often, to render her unconscious, and lost at inappropriate moments, in a sea of dreams. I have not looked at the life of the actress save her screen persona. I suspect it would be most interesting; a woman with much spirituality, i presume.

There is a lot of great examples of Mars for you to look at on the impressive Astrotheme site. Try Lucy Lawless’s chart (her martian Zena): she also has Mars in detriment.


Let’s now look at the symbol of freedom: Jupiter. It shows where we can be most expansive. We have already shown its relationship with both Alli’s Moon (regarding Mars); and Carter’s superheroine TV persona as a champion of women.

Here’s an apt example if you’re reading this with an Apple product.

Jobs had Jupiter conjunct Uranus, an appropriate pairing for a man whose dream changed personal communication. More on Uranus later – let’s note the drive to expand a revolutionary conscious was Jupiterian. This conjunction fell in his house of association (the 11th). Apple phones, tablets, were (and still are) considered attractive and desirable. We see this quality in the strong aspect made by his Venus in the fifth house, to both Jupiter and Uranus. There is more than this displayed in the chart, and I will look at this important chart in a later post.

I assume Jobs, like many other men of his generation, was impress with the desirable princess Leia Organa of Star Wars. Fisher had a complex chart (again worthy of a longer delineation). Her Jupiter unites with Venus in Virgo (detriment and fall) in the ninth house. I can read this as someone regal and Beautiful, whose life Journeys can be perilous, or psychologically challenging. This is especially true given her Mars opposition is coming from her Venus (and the Jupiter that rules her Pisces).

So she plays (and lives) a woman beset with real and imagined danger, who needs a role, to escape into a Jupiter consciousness.

The next chart illustrates another person whose career is facilitated by the freedom of Jupiter.

Lady GaGa has an M/C Jupiter in dignity (in Pisces). She strongly needs to grow in her involvement with the world. This singer expresses this freedom most unusually; example her stage attire.

Jupiter for her rules the house of her ‘other’ (her seventh). It also rules both Saturn (form), and Uranus (the disruption thereof). Her stage persona depends on her skill (Saturn) in the design of shocking (Uranus) costumes, and presenting them with amazing voice and stage craft. It is through this creativity that she finds freedom and popularity. Remember the seventh house can both show the other you present, and the other you marry.


Saturn represents the formative principle in our psyche. It also indicates the challenges we must face.

The native I have chosen is not remembered as saturnian! His life filled with excess and sexuality it seems more indicative of his twelfth house Scorpionic Jupiter: his was a most compelling obsession, as planets in the twelfth can become.

He embodied ‘rock n roll’. His Pluto opposition to his Sun, Mercury and Venus empowered and transformed the expression of his day. His third house Saturn voiced this intention to a whole generation of post-war fans. This Saturn also represented his decreased twin, who seem be a daemon backstage to his fast indulgent life. A presence that drove him (with drugs) to “the edge of reality”.

This has been a brief introduction to the planets up to, and including, Saturn.

There are those who argue that we are limited to these archetypes. I will show you that this is not the case!

Before we go beyond the naked eye I want to talk to you about the aspectual patterns that are formed, both in our natal charts and, in our lives.

Astrology depicts a patterned consciousness, one who’s delineation tests our comprehension. When we are walking through the trees in the forest, the lay of the land is only discernible with a map!

Do you still have yours?

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