4. Sun, Moon, and Psyche

Hi, hope you had a great Christmas and new year. I now look at the planets in the natal chart configuration. Remember that although the Sun and ‘moon’ (the lights) are strictly not planets we treat them when discussing the astrological chart. In this post, I’ll ‘introduce’ their astrological significance. I stress the word ‘introduce’ because a great deal has been written on the symbolism of these two bodies. For those of you keen to learn more astrology, keep in mind that what I am giving you here is a good lead-in. I’ll give you an annotated reading list at the end of the blog.

Reading Planets

When we delineate the astrological planets, we consider:

  1. The archetypal nature of the planet itself (‘the functions of’ to begin with).
  2. The nature of the zodiacal sign in which it falls.
  3. The house intention it is required to express.
  4. The way that It’s aspected to the chart angles.


Consider Venus in this chart of the moment:

Venus falls in the fixed sign of Scorpio. The planet is posited in the 5th house. This native’s natural expression of love and attraction (Venus) involves an intense desire to control the recipient (often to the detriment of the relationship). The area of life that this expression will be best exerted in is with charismatic self-presentation. A powerful mix! One can see this working brilliantly on, any form of, stage. Given the drive of this house to create and the nature of Venus one would expect a healthy sex drive and the intense (and controlling) love of children.

This is not all we can interpret from a chart later I will ’fine tune’ this analysis by mentioning:

  1. The overall condition of its ruler
  2. its overall dignity.
  3. The aspects to the other planets that it forms – and their integration.
  4. The planets, in the signs, that it rules.
  5. The directions (‘transits’ only for this Blog) that apply to it at any given time.
  6. Synastic inter-aspects: the skies of others that we find ourselves in.

Gaining a deep understanding of planetary meaning is indeed a detailed process! It is one that draws the symbolic meaning of the chart together for us.

The role of the planets and psyche

We see the planets in the sky because they reflect the Sun’s light. The sun allows us to be conscious of them. In the context of the two-dimensional sky lying before us, the astrological planets reflect the light of our sun. When we grow to realize these chart factors, we take back and internalise this consciousness: we become more self-aware in the process.

This psychic process parallels Jung’s idea of psychological individuation. We use our deepening understanding of our natal chart to draw these factors together..

On the role of the astrological sun:

The Sun is the alpha and the omega of our existence, and its presence is the matrix of our natal chart. In our lives, solar experiences are both empowering and engrossing. These experiences follow any endeavour that is germinal to our nature.

A man, with a Cancerian Sun, in the 5th house, experiences solar consciousness with his children in a theatre workshop; a woman, with a Geminian Sun, in the 9th, experiences solar consciousness when she finds a unique way of exploring, and then representing her ideas.

At these solar times, your knowledge of astrology and inclination to self-reflect will help you further understand your direction.

Solar experiences can also appear to be bestowed upon us by the sincere recognition of others. At this time something that is moving within us is recognised and brought forward by those who love us (or need us).

In the example above the child breaks away from her stage activity and runs to her father and hugs him briefly before running back. She has brought forward what he feels.

On the Moon:

So if our elusive astrological Sun is about will and way, what about the Moon? We will need another chart for this:

This is a fascinating natal chart, and there is much to say about this chart and we will return to it, often. For now on Monroe’s Moon.

Monroe has her Moon in her aquarian 7th house of the ‘other’. Throughout her life, she played the role of her envisaged ‘blonde’ goddess archetype: her other (note her Venus position as well) This feminine archetype both defined her in the public eye (screen sex goddess), and consumed her privately (all her mothers, and her inability to have a child).

A little more on the moon

The moon represents our feelings, and it is our feelings that belie our rationality (and our sanity). The moon represents our mindfulness. We see that when emotionally distract the smartest people can be lost and act foolishly.

Where your astrological moon is placed, is where you draw your life understandings together. It is the place where your rational understandings are grounded and expressed (later we’ll discuss others – ‘Imagos’ – in your chart, they can help you with this)

We have seen this in Monroe’s identification or her other. I’ll refer to her chart a lot and perhaps write an astrobiography of her in my other Blog (celluloidskies@wordpress.com).

The Luna position then is most important. Indian astrologers in their study of Jyotisha see it as of far greater importance than their western cousins. They associate it with ‘mind’.

I like the Celtic concept of the Wyrd: the interconnectedness of all things. On a personal level, the moon represents the Wyrd.

Your turn – using your chart.

Look at the moon and consider its importance for you. Is this where you collect most of your light? Is this is the section of your chart that is most representative of you drawing the threads of your life together? If it’s in the 4th house is it family (or extended family) that is most responsible for your identity. If it’s in your 7th is it the identity you form by drawing the other (often through marriage) into your life?

In my case l have made inroads into individualising my solar 1st house, but it is my luna third I have expressed my life through. What I have done with my 3rd house matters has largely defined me. I will spend my life gathering light in the 3rd house and produce the occasional 1st house solar epiphany though perhaps not with this blog post!.

how about you? Next post will look at Planetary Dignity

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