3. Houses

The personal way you express the planetary energy in your natal chart is through your houses. These represent the areas (and the intentions) of your life expression.

What follows are the meanings I have, after many years of practice, come to use. My system is most effective, try it on your chart. I will incorporate natal charts in this post.

The Ascendant and the other angles.

The ascendant degree of your chart is an eastern projection, of your time and place of birth, way out onto the ecliptic. The zodiacal position of this calculation, in sign, degree, and minute, is arguably the most critical point of your natal chart. It depicts where your life begins in the zodiacal wheel.

From this point, we calculate the position opposing (Descendent); the highest point (M/C); and the lowest point (I/C). These four points represent the angles, and the angular houses, of the chart.

The idea of One’s own personal Zodiac

From, the ascendant point we calculate Twelve houses. Within these dividing lines, your planets are housed: these houses denote life experiences..

They indicate the way one uses the planetary archetypes in one’s life. If we can imagine the House, to some extent, changing the planetary intention, then we can see this as a nurturing process. The Houses change the nature given upon the planets by the zodiac. The idea of planets as entities, that are receptive to things about then, is a strange one for non astrologers! This will make more sense when we later ascribe personas to the planets.

This will make more sense when we later ascribe personas to the planets. They become the ‘selves’ who enact the intentions of the natal chart.

The chart is made up of two sets of wheels both providing us with information about the meaning of our planets.

The cross of identity.

The most focal (and powerfully expressed) planets in the natal chart are posited in the angular houses. These houses form a cross and co-joined they make a square. Briefly crossing a circle is old. Symbolically the circle represents spirit – an endless path – and the square the concrete real world of manifestation. Together they are a sign of life. Can you find the glyph of your Sun? Can you see why one can not be one;s Sun sign. Here is an example of three points of the cross, involving moon and 6 planets, in a powerful life:

Ali has most of his planets in fixed angular houses. Mars being at the highest point (his profession). Mercury, the progenitor of his ’butterfly and bee’ statements, is situated in his 7th house of relationship. Given that those we relate with are not necessary our friends, the 7th house is also one of open enemies.

Do you have any angular planets? These Angular planets are often indicative of a strong personality. Look at John Lennon’s below.

(Note: when I use Whole Sign Houses (WSH) I consider planets at any degree of the angular sign and consider the most intense within 12° angles themselves. I also give all the angular houses equal strength)

We see a powerful 7th house in John Lennon natal chart. With his unique music and powerful lyrics, he helped a generation find expression and redefine relationships.

When I introduce you to the planets (in the next few posts), I’ll discuss angular placement and strength in more depth. We associate the angular houses with cardinal energy. They have much to do with your expression of identity:

  1. In self-identification and physical embodiment (1)
  2. In familial association (including your heritage), and home (4)
  3. In all variety of relationship with your others (7)
  4. In societal responsibility, and acclaim (10)

The houses of substance

So far we have introduced houses 1, 4, 7, & 10. The next four are 2, 5, 8, & 11. They are associated with fixed expression and have much to do with security gained from:

  1. Personal worth and the means to accrue it (2)
  2. Creativity (& reproduction) and Charisma (5)

For Example: Creativity…

The 5th house is most important in the role you play in life.

We can see a powerful 5th house in Disney’s chart indicative of a creative individual.

We can also see a unique combination of planets in the 4th and 10th houses of his table. We will come back to this chart later when we discuss the Societal planets Jupiter & Saturn, and the planets that lie beyond Saturn (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: as well as Chiron & Eris)

  1. Control of others worth and resources (8)

(I don’t attribute ‘death’ (or Life) as a function of the 8th house – this is a significant digression!)

  1. Association and cultural awareness – a lifelong desire to understand the human condition. (11)

The houses of change

We associate the last four houses with things mutable. These are the houses of redirection, change, and learning.

  1. Learning to express one’s self and form an identity (3)
  2. Learning about physical and mental health (6)
  3. Learning to express oneself, more fully, in societal terms (9)
  4. Learning about the universe within and its incorporation into a concept of self identity (12)

House keywords.

1, 4, 7, 10 – Finding and Expressing Identity.

2, 5, 8, 11 – Finding Security.

3, 6, 9, 12 – Learning about Change.

Individual Houses:

  1. House One: Our physical embodiment and self-identification.
  2. House Two: Our personal worth (relative to needs) and the means to accrue it.
  3. House Three: Our learning to self-express, and the formation of personal identity.
  4. House Four: Our expression of familial Identity (Heritage) and construct of Home.
  5. House Five: Our sense of creativity and expression of charisma.
  6. House Six: Our learning of physical and mental health, and sense of wellbeing.
  7. House Seven: Our finding of identity by being in a (passive & aggressive) relationship with our others, and all that it entails.
  8. House Eight: Our skills in managing and appreciating the worth of others. (being the 2nd sign from the 7th. House rotation to be discussed later). At this point I don’t separate and pinpoint death as some astrologers do.

The whole natal chart is a symbolic representation of who we are and can be, and I know that life and death are inseparable: we die a little daily – at a cellular level – while involved in any aspect of life!

  1. House Nine: Our learning of ’the ways of the world’; To express the understandings of our culture. This enables us to expand our conscious awareness and develop our self-identity.
  2. House Ten: Our need to take on societal responsibility and find a place in our world where we can achieve acclaim.
  3. House Eleven: Our need to gain awareness of the human need to associate. Our need to find answers to the question of the ‘human condition’.
  4. House Twelve: Our need to explore how we can understand the world(s) within and, in so doing, find a unique self-concept.

Apply this. Look at your planets and houses and note any well-tenanted house

Later we’ll look at your house rulers. These planets influence house expression and take on the house role of your untenanted houses. We include all houses in your delineation.

Some of the most powerfully expressed houses (see Billy Joel’s chart) rely strongly on placing their ruler!

Rulers? Personal Planets? I will discuss these in my next post.

Thanks for staying with me.

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