1. A Unique Craft

Hi, my name is Michael, welcome to my Blog.

I love this romantic header. The person at the centre feels the enormity of the night sky. The artist has made this individual the focus of the text. This centring of human consciousness on the sky is a tenant of Astrology.

We are able to stand back and observe regardless of how desirable, or how terrifying, it is to be immersed in the alien starlight.

I used the word ’feel’ it the first line intentionally because the actual sky cannot be read. At least not consciously. To reason anything qualitative about the sky requires a more simplified device: an ’astrological Chart.’

This two dimensional image, depicting a tiny amount of the sky. It’s what we Astrologers dwell upon. We study its symbols as if they are doorways into Psyche. Astrology is a fascinating practice!

Let’s begin.


Gaining a copy (paper or digital) of your own Natal Astrology chart is now easy; this is a recent development.

There are free apps available, on both Android and IOS platforms, that will draw up a Natal Chart for you. Get your own chart to refer to as you follow my posts.

Note: try to set Whole Sign Houses. I will use them. If you find an App, it will have a variety of house systems in its settings.

Learning Astrology is very interesting because you become, in a large part, the subject of your study. The course encourages self-reflection. This is a positive side effect of this study. Therefore Astrology it is often grouped under ‘Wellbeing’ when it is presented in public venues. There are many reasons for casting Astrology Charts and we will discuss them further later

When you have your piece of sky mapped out in front of you what can you do with it? It looks impressive.

Firstly, consider its shape, as you set it down in front of you. Can you see something of yourself (your Psyche) in its abstract pattern?

Probably not right now, but keep it in mind!

As you follow me I suspect you’ll want to find out more about yourself. I understand this need for self-exploration well; In my 30 plus years of doing Astrology, I’ve shared much self-awareness, but no one has read my chart to me! This is one of the main reasons that I’m writing this Blog.

I like the idea of self-education and Astrology provides a unique matrix for it; a symbolic quest if you like. So if you want to work at knowing a bit more about yourself & Psyche, and become stronger in the process, stick around.

As the weeks go by you’ll learn about your especial others too. We all have a unique variation on the one sky. As we progress I’m sure you will read into their lives for them; Astrological Delineation skills begin at home!


There are thousands of years of Astrology. A good teacher will take you down a safe and simple path, to begin with, occasionally pointing out other walkways.

I promise to do this for you.

Remember that all experienced Astrologers have developed their own style of delineation and interpretation of basic natal chart features. We work with a great deal of data and then select what works best for us.

(If you’ve dived into reading about Astrology, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Later I’ll recommend some excellent texts I’ve found over the years. At the moment I intend to be basic (& I hope lucid)).

So when I seem somewhat unconventional, I’ll always tell you if I’m diverging from the norm. Let me introduce a few of my methods:

  • I use the ancient Whole Sign House System. Astrological house systems have kept practitioners bickering through the ages! I’ve tried Placidus (who hasn’t); then went to Koch for years (don’t remember why now. I did have a reason); I tried Equal (I liked the theory, Liked Holden (a brilliant researcher), and was doing a lot of Northern readings); I Had a spell reading Lilly (via Olivia Barclay), brought in Regiomontanus; but after much vacillation, I settled on the Whole Sign Houses, and later was gratified to see Robert Hand promoting the system: it works.
  • I use a psychological House Interpretation, and it’s not that I don’t know about, or haven’t spent a lot of time with, the traditional house meanings. I find my interpretation. to be most effective. You can check this for yourself later in the Blog.
  • And I find the concept of Archetypal Awareness ~ fascinating.

These will do for the moment. So if you’ve already done astrology, and want a timed system, add your house cusps. Thanks for reading my first post. I enjoyed producing it for you.

Have your chart ready for next week when I introduce the Zodiac.

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